Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mysterious shades


Tuesday, 29 January 2013



Floral print shirt / Modström top, $29 / Topshop crop top / Elizabeth and James leather pants / Leather mini skirt, $435 / Billabong shorts / Givenchy genuine leather handbag / Topshop

Touch sporty

Touch sporty

Miss Selfridge purple shirt / High waisted shorts, $16 / Vans navy sneaker, $71 / Urban Expressions cross body handbag / Karen Millen

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


You probably know this situation. After a long day you wanna remove your makeup but washgel or pads burn in your eyes. Well I use Zwitsal it's actually a baby washgel but I don't care it doesn't burn and it is quiet effective. i don't know if you can buy it in Englang or America, let me know.
Sorry this sounded a little like one of these typical commercials :p <3

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Hy, so I follow this girl on instagram and she posts a lot of hot clothes you should totally check her out <3

Sunday, 6 January 2013


These earring remind me of a sunset or clouds I don't know. They're not too heavy or big and I like them a lot.<3
From:H&M  Cost: 3,95 euro

Pink diamond bracelet

This bracelet is so cute with these pink diamonds and shining gold. It has a weird closing but whatever.<3
From:H&M  Cost: 4,95 euro

Peter pan collar necklace

I love Peter pan collars and I really love this necklace. It's only silver without any details. The only thing I don't like is that I think it's a little too long <3
From: Six  Cost: 4 euro in the sales

Chain necklace

At first, sorry for the bad quality the colour of the necklace is actually like the border. It's a highneck a bit heavy but I really like it cause of the dip dye thing <3
From: Six  Cost: 5 euro in the sales

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I absolutely love these kind of booties, I also have a pair but they're not that high cause I go to school with them. They're so comfy and easy to walk on, you can even wear black socks  so it doesn't looks weird with the peeptoe and it's super warm. <3

Lace necklace

I find this necklace so cute, it's gold (not real) and symmetric and the pattern looks a little bit like lace. You can buy it at Sheinside, I honestly never heared about that so.. yeah. and it cost only $12,74 <3

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I really love lipsy and I found a dress again it's so beautiful with the diamonds and the double layer in the skirt  it's a dream. <3

Elnett heat protection/ BAD!!!

I recently bought this cause the saleswoman said this is wonderful and that she uses it by herself.
At first I really like the packing it's a bottle in a bottle and it has a lock.
So it makes my hair less dry but I don't think it makes my hair straigher than normally.
It's very sticky but when you straight it it'll come out well.
Yeah if ytou used this please tell me what you think <3

Cutout shoe

So you should know that I love cutout dresses and now I found cutout booties thatt have a cutout heel.
It's actually a wedge with a hole in it, they are from Steve Madden and cost $149,99.

Michelle Phan midnight tutorial

I saw this clip from the great Michelle Phan and and I instantly tried it by myself and I like the result.
I actually did it slightly different, I didn't use blue and more glitter (and I have a totally different eyeshape then Michelle so yeah) You should try it too <3


These braclets are so cute they have a little bow and pearls and studs I guess.
Personally I don't like too wear so much at th esame time and then i can choose a few.
They are from Forever 21 and only cost $8,80.


So I found these suede ankle boots and I directly thought "they are probably super expensive", but No.
They 're from ebay and only cost £19,99 and they got them in a lot of colours <3