Thursday, 28 February 2013

Essence lash powder

Yesterday I bought the Essence lash powder.
First I thought it wouldn't help so much, cause it's so inexpensive and hard to apply.
At first you have to put mascara on and put the lash powder on while it's still wet.
And it's imporant to CLOSE YOUR EYES!! I had it in my eyes and it hurts so much!
Then you put another layer on it. Its not to hard to apply
The consistence is not really powder to me, it's more like mini feathers or cotton balls that don't stick together if that makes sense! 

Does it work?

Well I think it does make your lashes  look thicker and longer.
It also makes them look chunky when you use a thick mascara.
I think it's wearable and looks quite good , but I don't think this is for a daily basis cause it takes to long, well I wouldn't want to wear this to school.


This chick

This chick

Topshop crop top / French Connection leather biker jacket / Armani Collezioni slim pants / Steve Madden steve-madden boots / Iosselliani / Pim + Larkin round earrings

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NY and Paris fashion week favorites (part)

I'm not gonna give my opinion cause I feel it's kinda annoying!
From Jason Wu
Also from Jason Wu
Again from Jason Wu, I think I like his designs.

Here comes Paris!
Jean Paul Gaultier
Ellie Saab
Also Ellie Saab
Again from Ellie Saab
Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Thank you for watching!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NY fasion week

My favorites of the New York fashion week!!
This one is from Marchesa, and I love the the colour! 
This one is from Micheal Kors and it's so elegant.

Cute dress! Even if I don't like the colour to much!!
Oscar de la Renta

This one is so elegant and feminine, just wonderfull.
It's by Oscar de la Renta
Rodarte played with materialsand I love the metal corsette/ belt!
Not only the dress but even the little jacket is beautiful, from Donna Karan.
THis reminds me of a wonderful flower, and the décolté is stunning!
I love the colour and all of the details, Caroline Herrera!

Selfmade shirt

This is the shirt I made in school it's based on my yeartheme: Bayern ( that that region in Germany, where they wear these funny g-hats and pants and the boob showing dresses, btw I'm born there).
So I made everything based on a pattern from Burda I painted the blue fabric with Dylon fabricpaint. It has an assymetrical collar with white stiching on it, it has ruffles on the bottom and a cute different button on top.
 The sleeves are a little puffy with a small patting in them. And that's quite much it. It's doesn't really fit me but I wasn't planning to wear it outside so I hope that you like it. THANKS <3

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

H&M necklace

So this is the necklace I was talking about on my twitter and I really like it. It's quite thin but very long (It'll reach under your belly button) but I would wear it double, it's obviously golden and has these cute little turqoise pearls on it and I really liked this so yea... <3 price: €4,95

Monday, 4 February 2013

New shoes

So, I bought some closed shoes. Well they're black suede with fake leather laces they have an 11cm heel that is slighty thicker, but they are very comfortable. I actually took one size bigger to wear cosy socks but they seem to be a little smaller than a average size 37 (uk 4) (usa 6,5) I bought them at Durlinger Maastricht, but I think it's a private shop and only in the Netherlands :-( . But i guess you can find some very similar ones in a store nearby. Oh and they were in the sales for €20. <3

Homemade Vest

Hi, sorry I didn't made a post in a while. But I'm back with something special, I made a vest all by myself and it's pretty much what I wanted it to be. It's actually grey and the inside is slighty darker, the fabric is thin but strong and soft. Except the front the vest is quite simple, the front is folded three times so it has that light/dark effect. I also sewed the hanging folded pieces to the vest, so now it doesn't move all the time. I hope you like it and feel free to give your opinion <3