Thursday, 28 February 2013

Essence lash powder

Yesterday I bought the Essence lash powder.
First I thought it wouldn't help so much, cause it's so inexpensive and hard to apply.
At first you have to put mascara on and put the lash powder on while it's still wet.
And it's imporant to CLOSE YOUR EYES!! I had it in my eyes and it hurts so much!
Then you put another layer on it. Its not to hard to apply
The consistence is not really powder to me, it's more like mini feathers or cotton balls that don't stick together if that makes sense! 

Does it work?

Well I think it does make your lashes  look thicker and longer.
It also makes them look chunky when you use a thick mascara.
I think it's wearable and looks quite good , but I don't think this is for a daily basis cause it takes to long, well I wouldn't want to wear this to school.


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