Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hair routine/ Elnett Satin spray

A while ago I reviewed the Elnett Satin heat protection styling spray (for straighting)
And I accidently bought the curls one not the straight one. I reviewed it wrong so now I'm going to do it again.

After showering I blew dry my hair with the Syoss heat protect styling spray. Then I sprayed the Elnett styling spray in my hair, combed it and blew dry it again. Afterwards I straighted it carefully and used the Elnett Satin hairspray to finish the look.

My hair felt so soft and healthy but also a little bit stronger then usually. It looked really good and it stayed like that the entire day. The next day it was still straight except from a few pieces, it's possible that I didn't sraighted it right. What I didn't like that I felt the product and it stayed on your hand, it wasn't sticky but silky. I know that it's the piont because it's the Elnett SATIN spray, but everytime I touched it my hands became very silky. Of course it didn't stayed for 3 days as it said but I don't mind.

Good: - Easy to straight                                        Bad: - Silky feeling on hands
           - Stayed all day long                                          - It didn't stay for 3 days
           - Looked great
           - State of the hair
Conclusion: I give it 8 points out of 10! 


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