Friday, 5 April 2013

Jane by design

Hi everyone!
This is a little different but hey... It's about a TV show that I just discovered and I know it's not new or whatever but it's spring break and I have to do something. The show is called Jane by design it's about a girl ( Jane) that loves fashion and gets a job at a high fashion label. But at the same time she goes to school and nobody knows about it.
She's not the popular kind so her only friend is Billy that dates her rival. There's also that hot and extremely popular guy that kinda likes her. Then there's that british guy at work that is a player and tries to seduce her. And her boss is pretty serious and strict, she has to do everything right. But the worst thing is that it's only one season and they're not going to make another one.

Why I'm actually talking about this is that I'd love to be Jane not because of the boys but the job. I hope one day I'll be doing exactly the same for a living. Design clothes, make them, go crazy about it, change everything, be happy about the result, work day and night and make the people happy. I just wanna live fashion all my life! It excites me when I watch the show, I just wanna jump right in to it and make my own line or something like that. Yesterday evening after I watched the show, I almost finished my shirt that I was making and another top too.

So that's quite much it. I like Jane by design. You should totally watch it!

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